Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

zero mentality / the heartbreak motel - virtues and vices

another zero mentality release. the last i was missing. the collection is complete currently. i hope they will put the gear into action and come around with new stuff soon, so that i have a new piece of wax to add to the pile. for now this split release with the heartbreak motel is the last piece of the puzzle. i stumbled upon it on ebay and got it for next to nothing really.
the split came out in between 'invite your soul' from 2008, which is my favourite album of zm, and 'black rock' from 2009, which is very good but takes the last pposition in my personel ranking of the three full lengths. logically the two songs on display lean more towards the rock induced hardcore-metal-mish-mash of the 'black rock' record. i still really dig them. check 'the white hand of moses'.
the other band of the split - the heartbreak motel - was pretty much unknown to me. they are a punk-rock band from recklinghausen, germany. or better, they have been. they split up last year playing their last show in bochum together with zm. anyway, their part of the split is simply not my cup of tea. probably well executed punk-rock but i am the wrong person to judge that. check out 'lunar eclipse'.
the release was handled by d.r.a. and they did a great job with it. the split comes on double 7" format with one song for each side cut at 45 rounds per minute. the two 7"es are housed in a lovely gatefold cover, which is pretty nice for this format. i really like the inner gatefold showing some funny pics of the two bands. the vinyl comes in a marbled grey colour-way out of 400 copies. demons run amok. 2008.   

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