Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016

war charge 7"

a demons run amok release that i added to a recent order with the label. i think, it was when i ordered the latest culture 'born of you' re-press. war charge is a hardcore band from edinburgh, scotland. i found this pretty cool, because i never listened to a hardcore band from scotland, i believe. in preperation for this post, i read that the band recently split up. their last show was played in november last year.
this self-titled 7" was released four years back and marks their first vinyl release in the band's history. the first release was a longer cd-version of this 7" on spook records from poland. musically this metallic hardcore with a certain old hatebreed vibe going on. nothing surprising here but definitely a solid piece of pressed plastic.
d.r.a. pressed 500 copies of 'war charge' in total. there are 300 copies on good old black vinyl floating around and the limited colur-ways came on white vinyl and this marbled clear blue vinyl, both out of 100 copies. you can check out the band at their bandcamp page and buy some left-over merch at their big cartel store. demons run amok. 2012. 

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