Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

throwdown - covered with venom

i love my throwdown. that being said i tried to chase their vinyl releases over the last couple of years but never listened to their latest two full length albums. probably because they only have been put to compact disc and no vinyl. rather nontypical these days. ten years back who would have thought such an occurance could be nontypical? anyway, let's get to the point.
'covered with venom' was an accompanying 7" release to their full length 'venom and tears' from 2007. although it is not a single, because the two songs on this plastic platter are both cover songs. 'london dungeon' by the misfits and 'planets collide' by crowbar and are not featured on the vinyl record of 'venom and tears'. so i don't know why the band actually put this out.
the cover songs are cool but i really just bought this for the sake of completion. when i stumbled upon the the shattered realm record at the e-store, i also found this copy on white vinyl and added it to the cart. there have quite a good deal of copies been pressed. white vinyl is out of 700 copies. for detailed info check out the according dead format page. trustkill records. 2007. 

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