Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

goldust / deathrite - split 7"

i really like dresden's deathrite. their latest declaration of hate going by the name of 'revelation of chaos', was a real blast and in the meantime i was even able to snag a limited clear copy of their first self-titled 12" release on per koro records. the only vinyl release which was missing, was their split with goldust. fortunately to obtain this slab of wax didn't prove to be a difficult task.
actually i don't know where i got this from. either way i ordered it at per koro or cobra records, the two labels the split appeared on. as i ordered from both in the recent past and i somehow lost my memory concerning this matter, both seem to be possible. whatever, the deathrite part is definitely to my taste. released between the sel-titled mini-lp and the first full length 'into extinction', these two songs deliver finest death 'n' roll.
the song 'plagues' also found its way on 'into extinction' in a re-recorded form. the band this split is shared with, is goldust. the band isn't active anymore. goldust was founded in 2005 in münster, germany and played their last show in late 2014. they described their own music as hardcore noir and i think this description is pretty apt. some crsut-laden, dark stuff that doesn't really grab me, though.
you can check their still existing bandcamp page and listen to almost all of their recorded output. the packaging for this split 7" is pretty clever. the centre label shows the two sides of a moon that is the background for the house of the die-cut cover. nice idea. there is also a grey marbled vinyl version floating around. don't know how many were pressed on clear vinyl. per koro records. cobra records. 2012.  

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