Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

bitterness exhumed - s/t

bitterness exhumed is one of my favourite german bands at the time. to me, they filled the empty void that war from a harlots mouth was leaving back when they were disbanding a couple of years ago. sure, bitterness exhumed doesn't play this chaotic mathcore reminiscent of botch and the like, but music is about feelings. and in a way, bitterness delivers the same sinister atmosphere that made me love the stuff of wfahm.
that being said, i always wanted to call at least one copy of all their releases on vinyl my own. some came easy, because i was right there to pre-order them and some, the self-titled 7" to be precise, were harder to come by. in this case, markus of per koro records and distro came to my rescue. he is also on discogs and when i was buying some stuff from his discogs offerings, he was industrious enough to ask if i wanted this one too.
he spotted it on my want list and i mean, come on, we can all imagine what the obvious answer was. indeed i wanted it plus the purchase was really on the cheap side. a win win situation, so to speak. 450 copies in total. 100 black copies and 250 clear copies of the 'normal' press, plus another 100 copies on gold with special hand-numbered sleeves. wooaaargh records. 2011. 

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