Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

electric wizard - we live

'we live' marks electric wizard's fifth album and leads me to the conclusion that the band is unable of producing a bad album. although this wasn't the same band i knew from the previous records. for 'we live' only founding member and vocalist/guitarist jus oborn remained and three new members joined the electric wizard. by a mysterious incident oborn fell out with tim bagshaw and mark greening.
rumour has it that the north american tour to promote 'let us prey' from 2002 raised a lot of tension between the band members. shortly after that tour even the break-up of the wizard was announced. however, in 2003 bagshaw and greening left the band and founded ramesses later on. liz buckingham on second guitar, rob al-issa on bass and justin greaves on drums were the new names in the game.
remarks to that change in line-up are that the band refers to itself as the electric wizard on the cover for the first time and within the booklet as electric wizard II. furthermore, statetments such as 'my enemies, i fear not... but god save me from my friends' printed in the booklet or the whole album title can be considered as raised middle fingers to the former band-members.
anyway, the songs are great. check out the title song and 'flower of evil a.k.a. malfiore' and get your wizard's fix just like you need it. i ordered this one together with the 'let us prey' record from high roller. it's a copy of the 2014 re-press on clear green with black marble. my second disc came out pretty dark, so i held it up to the light. looks lovely. third pressing. 500 copies made. rise above records. 2004/2014. 

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