Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

bone dance - s/t

this album was an impulse buy. i can't remember anymore to which records i added this bone dance platter over at burnout record store, but i definitely wasn't looking to get this one right here. it was among burnout's 'new arrivals' and just looked interesting cover-wise. so i checked them out. they describe themselves as punk/progressive/grumpy and i think that hits the nail right on the head.
this self-titled record sounds like a beefed-up version of converge and some stuff that usually would come out on a389 records. the only little weakness is that their songs lack of some memorable hooks from time to time. the songs don't carve into one's long-time memory, if you can follow me. anyway, that is, as always, only my opinion. check out and download their stuff for free at their bandcamp.
when i did some research for this post, i stumbled upon the band's facebook page where they announced to call it a day. in their five year run they released two full lengths, an e.p. and a three-way split with bands i don't know. this self-titled album was released by melotov records with 300 copies on clear vinyl. it even got an european pressing on throatruiner records and prototype records. melotov records. 2012.

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