Montag, 18. Januar 2016

die young - survival

die young is one of those bands that have a massive 7" back catalogue. if i can count there are eight 7" releases, either as a split or as a solely die young output. technically i have four of them including 'survival', but i like to look at it as if i had five of them. the european version of 'chosen path' came as a one-sided 12", so i won't bother with the u.s. 7" edition.
anyway, 'survival' was their last release before the now recalled split-up six years ago. also this marks their return to surprise attack records, through which they also put forth their split with 7 generations from 2005. i got my hands on this clear copy by shopping some vinyl over at per koro distro. don't have to tell you that it was a pleasure to order, as always indeed.
musically these are seven short blasts of eruptive metallic hardcore with a political and socio-critical of my favourite releases of the band. you can listen to and even read along to the lyrics of this sucker right here. surprise attack did a limited run of 300 copies and, as far as i know, all coming on clear vinyl. surprise attack records. 2009.

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