Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016

behold! the monolith - architects of the void

the new behold! the monolith record. i pre-ordered this record over at kozmik artifactz mailorder and they said that release date would be somewhere at the very end of december of the last year. i put my pre-order in early december and got my mind set for the announced release date. thus i was pleasantly surprised to recieve my package only a week later. in times where releases usually get delayed, it makes for a nice change to get a record earlier than expected.
i listened to this record a few times since and to me it can't beat their self-titled record. but from the start, 'architects of the void' marks another step in the development of the band. for this record they added some black metal atmosphere to their playful psych/stoner style. it ties in very well with their sound and gives them a very unique touch. you should listen to the whole album at their bandcamp right now.
as i mentioned, i like their first record better, though. but that's basically choosing one lovely album over the other. this album got the vinyl treatment by arctic forest records and the colour vinyl variant comes on solid gold. jake recently revealed his resentment to this specific vinyl colour. i totally agree with him but in this case it matches the absolute stunning artwork by dusty peterson quite well. arctic forest records. 2015.

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