Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016

continents - idle hands

another rather old record. i bought this one together with the emmure 'eternal enemies'. at least the record caught my attention when i ordered the emmure vinyl from the victory web shop. but due to increasing shipping cost i ordered 'idle hands' elsewhere. as victory pressed coloured vinyl only it was an easy decision for me to go for a german retailer. in this case.
continents is a modern hardcore band from the uk. south wales to be more precise. a lot of successful bands seemed to emerge from the island in the course of the last ten years. bring me the horizon, architects to name the spearheads of the movement. continents formed in 2010 and seemed to impress victory records that much, that they got a deal without any releases up their sleeve in 2012. it took a year until 'idle hands' dropped.
i really like their type of metallic hardcore with sometimes very catchy and sometimes dark/melancholic hooks plus a good portion of sing-a-longs. of course, they didn't re-invent the wheel here but it's good stuff. reminds me of the new for the fallen dreams from time to time. continents got a new album under their belt right now called 'reprisal'. no vinyl version from victory as yet. hopefully that will change. 400 copies on purple putty. victory records. 2013. 

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