Samstag, 30. Januar 2016

length of time / santa karla - split 7"

i really like length of time. that being said i am always on the hunt for vinyl releases i am lacking in my collection. to this point these releases are 'shame to this weakness modern world', which proves to be very hard to come by, and this split release with a band called santa karla. i don't count 'let the world with the sun go down' as it comes on loathed picture vinyl. as you can see, i can cross the split 7" off the list by now.
i believe it was shortly before christmas last year, when i came across an ebay auction offering this title. in the end i came up short and that spark lit a fire of desire. in the face of my defeat at the bay, i searched feverishly for other options. of course, an obvious source was discogs and it didn't leave me empty handed. a reasonable offer from italy was accepted within a breath and a few weeks later it was all mine.
listening to this split i fairly have to admit that santa karla takes the price by a hair's breadth. both sides are really good. the two length of time songs are destroying in their well known manner and santa karla presents some wild punk/hardcore/crust tunes that maltreats your neck so bitter sweet. i have the lemon yellow version out of 200 copies. check willem's blog for the brown and yellow merge version. thirty days of night records. 2010.

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