Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

liar / sunrise - decontaminate

a liar record and my record collection. long time no see, would be the most apt description for this relation ship. coloured copies of releases of this band are pretty hard to come by, it seems. well, at this point i am able to finally make another dent in this matter. after christmas i got a discogs message telling me that there was a copy on red vinyl available, the price was reasonable and shipping wasn't too expensive because the record came from belgium.
when the record showed up i was a little puzzled as to why my copy didn't come with an insert. the discogs pic was showing just this and so i asked the seller if he somehow forgot to include, which seemed unlikely, or if there just wasn't any. tijs, the nice dude i bought the record from, said that the three red copies he has all came without an insert plus he asked a friend who had a red copy and also no insert.
he said that as far as he knows the coloured run was made for tour and so i presume the pic on discogs was made by someone who had both, black and red copies. anyway, the liar part is pretty good and just what you would expect from them. heavy and harsh thrash/death metal with vegan/straight edge ethics. the sunrise part is melodic death metal and ok and that's it. i don't enjoy it as much as the liar side. 100 copies made. wanted records. lifeforce records. 2003. 

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  1. My copies come with inserts. Although they are xeroxed on regular printing paper...