Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

lumbar - the first and last days of unwelcome

lumbar is kind of a sludge/doom allstar band. the notorious mastermind mike scheidt of yob fame together with aaron edge and tad doyle, both played in brothers of the sonic cloth. theses three got together to form a band called lumbar and three years ago they unleashed 'the first and last days of unwelcome'.
i missed the initial release of that record but when i was getting into yob last year and was searching for yob vinyl on the net, i stumbled upon this band and was interested. i listened to a few songs and then ordered the record at coretex mailorder from berlin. they had some copies of the orange first press left in stock for a good price. a no-brainer to order one straight away.
i listened to two songs beforehand and they were great. i mean, if someone had told me these were yob songs, i would have believed it without a shadow of a doubt. but frankly, that is not an issue to me. what actually is an issue to me, is that the record in whole cannot live up to those two songs. seven songs found their way on the platter and with three of them just being some sound samples thrown together.
i really could have lived without these, one song sucks and so there are three good ones which left me pretty unsatisfied. check out the album for yourself right here. the vinyl release was handled by southern lord and they pressed 1500 copies for the first press on orange vinyl. i love that even the inside of the cover sleeve is orange to match the overall look. nice. southern lord. 2013.

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