Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

botch - an anthology of dead ends

botch is another band that has left its marks in the musical landscapes quite some years ago and i am finally getting around to give them a try. if you don't know, botch was one of the pioneers of that sub-genre called mathcore. i always loved bands like war from a harlots mouth or between the buried and me and when i saw a recent repress of this mini-lp at kings road merch europe, i didn't have any excuses not to get it.
the band came from tacoma, washington, usa and was founded in 1993. they split up in 2002 and 'an anthology of dead ends' marks their last studio recordings. the material got released even after the band called it a day. hydra head records was putting it out and initially came around with a ten inch release. in the following years the record saw two re-presses. this time on a nicer twelve inch format.
with the six songs on this record the band definitely didn't botch it, ha! yeah, lame pun, i know, but i just had to do it. anyway, i really dig this stuff and i will be on the look-out for their other releases. check out 'anthology of dead ends' right here. the artwork is pretty cool, too. love that mountain scene in the back. unfortunately, i couldn't find any pressing numbers of the third press. hydra head records. 2002/2014. 

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