Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

elephant tree - s/t

the upcoming records for this blog will all be stoner metal related as i bought a nice little batch over at the ever fantastic kozmik artifactz. again i wasn't looking for anything in particular, just browsing through the new-in-stock section. the first record i came across was elephant tree's self-titled record on magnetic eye. i read about it at the vinyl diaries blog but didn't come as to close to actually listen to the record.
this changed when i saw the record up for grabs with a listening opportunity included in the listing. the band plays a highly infectious brand of stoner metal. lovely psychedelic melodies, heavy and stomping riffs and a great voice. it felt reminiscent of another magnetic eye band i bought a record of not too long ago - summoner. check out the whole album on the tube.
the version i snagged up is a recent re-press from 2017. it is the doublemint with milky clear merge version and looks pretty nice. at first glimpse it looks pretty much mint green but at closer examination the merge pattern is clearly visible, albeit not in the pictures. therefore i took a photo with the record in front of a light source, that did the trick. the rest is a gatefold sleeve and a printed dust sleeve. 100 copies made. magnetic eye records. 2016.

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