Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

kreator - endless pain re-mastered

universal music is one of the three major music labels worldwide. of course, those billion dollar companies participate on trends when there is business to make. nowadays vinyl is a business again. independent labels started the hype when digital music peaked. they offered something physical and collectible, something with more soul than a click with your right finger. now the big labels cash in on the rising demand. so does universal.
noise records, a label with a rich history in european and especially german heavy music, became part of sanctuary records (the british label that first signed iron maiden) in 2001 which itself became part of universal in 2007. noise records was already shut down at some point along the way but now with fans craving for re-issues of long sold out gems, universal revived noise records and started to give the masses what they want.
i wasn't sure if i wanted those re-issues of the first kreator records recently released by noise. i am not too much a fan of kreator's early stuff and the originals are still readily available for reasonable prices on a second hand basis. when i was searching for some stuff to put on the christmas wishlist, i stumbled upon these new re-issues and thought, why the hell not. when i unwrapped "endless pain", which was originally released in 1985, i felt some excitement creeping up because of the lovely presentation.
musically "endless pain" still won't enter high ranks in my personal kreator charts but it is very cool to hear where the guys came from. the gatefold is printed on matte cardboard and comes with fantastic liner notes by singer mille petrozza. i love to read along the early history of the band while listening to the record. the second disc comes with the full demos "blitzkrieg" and "end of the world". great package. the only little downer is the "re-mastered" logo on the front cover. otherwise a real little treasure. noise records. 2017.

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