Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

amon amarth - surtur rising

the next part of the metal blade re-issue series for the whole amon amarth back catalogue. i actually wanted to write about "twilight of the thunder god" first because they were scheduled for the same release date and i ordered both. unfortunately i am still waiting for my copy and am not sure if i will get it at all. but now to the record i do got - "surtur rising". it was the first amon amarth album i heard from start to finish.
it must have been in early 2011, shortly before i got into vinyl collecting. a very good friend of mine and me were working together at the time and we drove there together every day. i still didn't have a car back then and so we drove in his over twenty years old ford fiesta. he had a few cd's on board and i remember him being excited about the new amon amarth record. he had the digipak version which was nice with extra artwork and all. we did spin the cd very often.
i remember being a bit let down by the last third of the record. an opinion i cannot relate to anymore. now with the vinyl spinning on my turntable i enjoy this beast all the way through. amon modernised their sound here and there but basically stood true to their strengths - epic melodic death metal. i love the opener "war of the gods" in particular. metal blade re-pressed this record on single vinyl this time. i ordered this on the less limited but nicer looking signal orange colour way out of 500 copies. metal blade. 2011/2017.

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