Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

iron maiden - powerslave

next record, next christmas gift. from my wishlist came this re-press of iron maiden's fifth record "powerslave". musically this was never my favourite of their impressive seven records run throughout the decade that were the eighties. nevertheless i was always heavily attracted to it because of its egyptian artwork. i don't pursue these classic maiden records via ebay or discogs, even though they pop up regularly and for reasonable money. i rather like to find them in record stores, don't really know why but i think it's cooler this way.
unfortunately "powerslave" managed to elude me in the past and so, in my search for items for my wishlist, i thought it wouldn't hurt to add the re-press to the list. little did i know that a few days after christmas a used copy crossed my path at zardoz record store, hamburg. ah well, my re-press looks lovely anyway. the band went to nassau again to record this album and it was the first to be recorded with the same line-up as the predecessor "piece of mind". "powerslave" was pretty successful and the subsequent "world slavery tour" led to the live album "live after death".
a great album all around. i still like "piece of mind", "somewhere in time" and especially "seventh son of a seventh son" better but "powerslave" is packed with that great typical iron maiden heavy metal, that it's hard to find any weaknesses. maybe it is now time for me to have a go at the two di'anno records. this re-press by parlophone records is an exact replica of the original release by emi records. the main reason why i will stick to this copy. the next is nice 180gr vinyl quality. sounds awesome! don't know how many have been made. parlophone records. 2014.

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