Montag, 1. Januar 2018

dimmu borgir - enthrone darkness triumphant

actually i wanted to get this post done in 2017 but life got in the way. so this is my first post in the new year of 2018. i don't produce any end-of-year posts because i am too lazy but i love to read about the statistics of fellow bloggers. if i was writing down some stats then one fact would be pretty prominent. over sixty percent of all my purchase in 2017 have been re-presses and re-issues.
there is a huge retro wave swapping over the vinyl land and therefore it seemed to be apt to start the year with a re-issue. i am very fond of retro stuff myself recently and thus was very interested when i saw pre-orders for the third dimmu borgir full length at nuclear blast. when i started to listen to some serious metal in the early 00's i had a few dimmu borgir cd's, including "spiritual black dimensions", "puritanical euphoric misanthropia" and "death cult armageddon".
at the time "spiritual black dimensions" was always the one i liked the least and that was why i never pursued the purchase of the predecessor "enthrone darkness triumphant". but right now i am just in the mood for this kind of throwback music. a thing which was helpful for my decision was the nice booklet included in this twenty year anniversary set.
musically this third full length was a novum in dimmu's discography by being the first one to be sung completely in english. this opened doors for a wider audience and more commercial success. therefore the original press is pretty pricey to come by. this new pressing looks lovely and was reasonable priced. nice gatefold, fantastic booklet and matching dark green vinyl. 300 copies made. nuclear blast. 1997/2017.

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