Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018

napalm death - from enslavement to obliteration

a few weeks ago i bid on a morbid angel lp version of their debut "altars of madness". it was a re-press from 1991 and came on a very nice white marble colour edition. it was called grindcrushing splatter vinyl by the label earache records. with a little research i found out that earache did a re-press series of a few successful titles of their back catalogue on this specific colour-way. in the back of my mind i thought it might be cool to chase them all down and start a little collection.
when i saw the second napalm death full length "from enslavement to obliteration" for a reasonable starting bid on ebay, i began to really consider this idea. i saw napalm death play live a couple of times and was never really into their music. songs under one minute just don't do it for me. so was this a good idea at all? buying a record just because of a colour vinyl series? i listened to the album on the tube and decided that i would like the music good enough to justify the purchase.
in the end i won the record for the starting bid. it wasn't a steal but not overpriced as well. the ususal going rate, so a good deal. the condition of this specific copy is flawless. the cover is in great shape and the vinyl looks barely played. the album was actually released in 1988 and i was surprised at how good the sound of the recording is. it definitely can hold up to contemporary productions. despite the twenty two songs and the short duration of each, i really can enjoy the stuff. great grindcore with a hefty hardcore/punk vibe going on.
earache issued this re-press in a single cover sleeve with a lyric insert. the original pressing from 1988 comes in different variations. a few come with a gatefold sleeve, others with a single cover sleeve and a printed dust sleeve and yet others in the same fashion as my grindcrushing splatter edition. i like this way best. there are two more napalm death records issued within this series, so my napalm collection is bound to grow in the future. we'll see how fast. 2000 copies made. earache records. 1988/1991.

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