Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018

life of agony - ugly

let us come to my little batch of christmas gifts. i wrote a little wishlist for my relatives to make the search for gifts easier for them. yeah, i am that nice kind of a person. in the end i got nine records for the season of which i will put up seven here (the other two are not hardcore or metal related). the first one is the latest re-press of life of agony's second full length "ugly". since vocalist mina communicated her new self to the world, i saw the band play live twice but didn't come around to even listen to one song of the new album.
i will have to right that wrong soon. but as of late i was more interested in their old stuff. i mean, "river runs red" is definitely one of the best nyhc records out there and the guys never reached those highs again but i really can enjoy "soul searching sun" and thus was excited for "ugly". on this record one can strongly feel the departure from the hardcore background to a more alternative driven sound. still, "ugly" is great for what it is and to hear caputo sing is always a pleasure. a voice as one in a million.
music on vinyl did the job and as always they did a splendid one. "ugly" has been released in 1995 and got the vinyl treatment via roadrunner records back then. twelve years later, in 2007 roadrunner re-issued the album as part of their classics series on 180gr black wax. so ten years after that music on vinyl continues their collaboration with roadrunner and comes up with this nice gold vinyl version. the presentation is very close to the original, like that. only the centre labels are taken from the '07 re-issue. 1500 made. music on vinyl. 2017.

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