Samstag, 27. Januar 2018

causa sui - euporie tide

the final record of my little christmas gift series is one i got from my brother in law. he happens to be one of the nicest human beings i know and we have a few common interests. beside our love for football, seventies prog rock and converge, we also share an interest in stoner metal. therefore his choice here is superb. i never heard of causa sui before but when he told me that this was some excellent instrumental stoner prog metal, i already knew it was up my alley.
causa sui are a four-piece and they hail from denmark. they are around since 2005 and frequently likened to kyuss and i can only nod my head to this comparison. the band has something like ten albums under their belt and "euporie tide" is from 2013 and somewhere in the middle. i didn't really sort out yet what are studio full lengths and what are live records over at the album page at discogs. anyway, check ou that record here.
the vinyl version i hold in hands now is a recent re-press by el paraiso records. this label was also founded by the band members to have direct control over the releases of causa sui. sounds like a lot of work for the guys but seems to be a great way to get the music out to the people just the way the artists intended it. the presentation is pretty cool. the cover sleeve comes on recycled cardboard and the vinyl on heavy transparent orange dual discs. 500 copies made and sounding good. el paraiso records. 2013/2017.

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