Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

spaceslug - time travel dilemma

the second record from my little haul i bought at kozmik artifactz. the guys of spaceslug crossed my path before. more precise in the form of their debut record "lemanis". it was on offer upon release in 2016 at kozmik mailorder but i let it pass me by. in hindsight i regret this move quite a bit because copies of the first press already sell for triple digit amounts.
on the other hand i am sure that the rise in demand will eventually lead to a re-press of "lemanis". in this case i didn't want to wait for a re-press of their second full length "time travel dilemma" and so i got meself a copy as soon as i saw them for sale. i really love the star wars hint in their bandname and the whole space theme this polish three-piece is basing their lyrics and artwork on.
the band is playing a great brand of doom/psych/stoner metal with dense atmosphere, heavy riffs and moody melodies. they don't reinvent the wheel but they definitely get the best out of the genre. the spaceslug takes you on a trippy journey through time and space of the multiverse and as soon as you are back, you sit craving for another round. check them out at their bandcamp.
the presentation of the whole thing is top notch. the record is housed in a sturdy gatefold with thick spine. the vinyl itself comes on a very tasty looking colour-way. baby blue with white marble - yummy. 180g quality, indeed and a poly-lined dust sleeve round out the package. this variant is the mailorder edition out of 200 copies. oak island records. 2017.

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