Dienstag, 6. Februar 2018

obituary - the end complete

since i am in an early nineties death metal state of mind, there was no way around obituary. there were and are a lot of influential death metal bands from florida and obituary are definitely the spearhead of that movement. a groove monster with the right dosage of technicality and john tardy's signature growls on top. one of the most recognisable voices in metal, sounds like constant vomiting. fantastic. so when i was out for some original pressings, obituary wasn't to be missed.
obituary released all their early albums on roadrunner records and its imprints. this meant that original pressings wouldn't come cheap. when i fought my way through the different listings at discogs, ebay and the like, i stumbled upon a seller from russia. he had the third obituary record "the end complete" on offer for a very moderate price. of course shipping wasn't cheap but condition seemed to be ok and all together i paid even less than for ebay options without shipping.
when the record finally arrived, i wasn't that convinced of my purchase anymore. the cover is pretty worn at the edges and the printed dust sleeve has a seam split. ok, it's a loved one, i can live with that quite well. then again, the vinyl has some significant surface noise which bothers me at times. so this will teach me not to save money on the wrong things in the future. anyway, i love the record. the chainsaw guitar sound, the doomy touch to the song-writing - check it out here. released on roadrunner's r/c imprint. 1992.

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