Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

clouds taste satanic - dawn of the satanic age

the third long playing record by clouds taste satanic that i call my own. i got this one from the same seller as the "your doom has come" copy. as i already wrote in the last post, the seller offered them for very decent prices plus she came from germany which meant low shipping costs. so, all in all it was a real steal. i still regret not to have bought the debut album for a lousy tenner. ah well, there will be another chance.
"dawn of the satanic age" is of the same bone-shaking doom quality as its predecessors. i am really surprised at how the band manages to maintain such a constant creative output in such short time. four full lengths in four years is quite impressive. the album is a killer all the way through. think of electric wizard without vocals and you get a fair idea. you best check out the whole goddamn thing.
the band operates with their own label kinda like music to unleash their art onto the world. all their releases looked incredible so far and "dawn of the satanic age" is no exception. it comes in a gatefold sleeve with nice artwork, especially on the inside (dante's inferno is so metal). the vinyl colour is as opulent as it is well matched to the cover art. red and green merge with yellow splatter vinyl out of 250 copies. kinda like music. 2016.

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