Montag, 19. Februar 2018

integrity - howling, for the nightmare shall consume

finally, my post for the new integrity record entitled "howling, for the nightmare shall consume". there are a few reasons why this baby was such a long time in the making. first were the high prices for coloured first press copies. they came with an additional 12" and this increased the price to thirty five bucks plus high shipping rates from the states. no way i was paying that much cash for a single record. as there was no colour retail version, there was no chance to get a copy from a domestic distro.
so i waited in hope for a second pressing. when the time was finally there, relapse opened an european store in the meanwhile which made an order even more worthwhile. luckily relapse dropped the bonus 12" for the second press. only three songs which i wasn't overly interested in seemed like something i could do without quite well. i ordered the record together with the latest yob re-press, so this meant i had to wait for the whole order until early december. so far, so good.
next to the two mentioned records, i had another two in the package - a skinless and a red fang record. before the release date of the yob re-press i got a mail by relapse telling me, that the red fang wasn't available anymore. well, something like this can happen. it was a bit annoying but ok. i wrote them to refund me the money paid for the record. this was when the hassle really started. but more of it in the upcoming yob post. now to the actual record this post is about. integrity explored their course adopted with "suicide black snake" further.
more bluesy solo's, melodies and spoken words by dwid along to the bands trademark metallic hardcore. a fantastic record. if i got it before the end of 2017, it would definitely have been one of my favourite records of the year. we'll see if 2018 can kick it out of my top ten. frankly, i doubt it. the packaging is brilliant. apocalyptic artwork with loads of invisible spot gloss print, fold out insert and dual silver vinyl cut at 45rpm. 800 copies made. relapse records. 2017.

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