Samstag, 24. Februar 2018

yob - the great cessation

since i bought my first yob record in 2014 released on 20 buck spin records ("atma"), i made quite some progress in getting the full lengths together. four out of six (they actually released seven full lengths but "elaborations of carbon" from 2002 was never pressed to vinyl) is a good average in my book. to improve it i was on the look out for the band's only southern lord records release "the great cessation" from 2009. somehow not one single copy for a price i was willed to pay crossed my path in the following years. therefore i was happy to see relapse records re-issuing the record.
i already wrote in the last post that i ordered four records at the relapse eu store. i also already stated that relapse cancelled the red fang record. ok, i wanted a refund. when the yob record was released a few days later, there was no shipping of the parcel and no refund as well. ok, i fired off a mail politely asking where vinyl and money may be. no answer. instead, i got another mail with the cancellation of the skinless record. boy, this started to really fuck me up. again a few days later still no vinyl and money for both of the cancelled records. i sent another mail just with the same result.
at some point in january 2018 i got a shipping notification and the refund for the two withdrawn albums. that was it. no answer to my mails, no explanation, no apology. i mean, i can understand if they had problems with the new eu store or something else but it's a question of good style to fucking communicate with your customers. and relapse showed no fucking class here. anyway, "the great cessation" sounds and looks great on this re-issue. the new art is stunning. unfortunately i was too late for the rarest colour-way but i think my electric blue with yellow and silver splatter looks sharp as well. 500 copies made. relapse records. 2017.

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