Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018

obituary - cause of death

obituary's second full length "cause of death" was supposed to arrive at my doorstep way earlier than "the end complete" but an incompetent employee of the local post office upset my plans. but from the beginning: i was on the hunt for some serious classic death metal and obituary's "cause of death" was high on the list. i found a seller from austria on discogs who had a nice copy with a very reasonable price tag and bearable shipping costs. i pulled the trigger on it and just had to wait for it to arrive, right? right.
after six weeks of waiting i got back into e-mail contact with the seller, asking him if he had a tracking number or anything. he negatively replied and noticed that such a long delivery time was quite unusual. he told me to look further into the matter when back from vacation. another two weeks later i got a mail with a photo attached. it showed the parcel with a note that said "returned because not collected at the post office". i don't know what happened but i swear to god i never got a pick-up note in the mail box. fuck that! anyway, the seller gave me a refund of the money less shipping.
with that money i was able to catch a copy on ebay in lovely condition. i had to pay a bit more than for the discogs copy but it did arrive leastwise. musically "cause of death" is a rager from beginning to the end. a tiny bit more groove and less doom than on "the end complete" but that doesn't mean that this record is better or weaker than the other. both are fantastic in their own right. i love the jaguar centre labels of this pressing and the promotion sheet that comes with the record. on a side note: the artwork was actually slotted for sepultura's "beneath the remains". however the label altered the actual plans. roadracer is an imprint of roadrunner records. 1990.

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