Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

poison the well - distance only makes the heart grow fonder

i think it's safe to say that poison the well was a highly influential band in the late nineties and early 00's. it is actually correct to say that poison the well is a band again, as they are playing shows again but this entry is rather about their early deeds than about their current. their earliest is the 'distance only makes the heart grow fonder' e.p. from 1998. everybody loves their first full length 'the opposite of december' and rightfully so, but in hindsight i believe 'distance...' is even a bit better.
it took me a long time to get a coloured copy of 'the opposite of december'. i was pretty focused on that specific record and only when i finally held a copy of that album in hands, my mind was free to chase their first release. this time it didn't take me three years but six months instead. as in most cases with rare records, discogs came to my rescue. a seller from belgium offered a nice clear peach marble for a fair price and here we are.
man, this record is eighteen years old now. if it was from germany, it is now old enough to get the driver's liscence. it's like they say, time flies. goodlife pressed it on ten inch format and i am cool with that. i'm not sure what the cover art shows and why the picture doesn't takes the whole cover but i really love the centre labels of the record itself. it shows an excerpt of the infamous painting 'nachtmahr' by johann heinrich füssli or henry fuseli, a swiss-english artist. a truly disturbing, yet attractive piece. 200 copies made. check willem's post about his copy. goodlife recordings. 1998.


  1. great find, yours and mine almost look alike. Mine has a bit more red though... Looks like a great condition copy! I'm still listening to "Opposite..." on weekly basis, especially when driving.