Dienstag, 5. April 2016

converge - all we love we leave behind mint green

i am breaking my rules quite regularly in the recent past. it started with nile re-presses of 'annihilation of the wicked' and 'in their darkened shrines', went on with my second copy of high on fire's 'luminiferous' record and now i find myself sitting here with a second copy of one of my favourite converge albums, their killer output from 2012 'all we love we leave behind'.
as i was fairly late to the party 'all we love we leave behind' was my door opener to the converge universe. thus it holds a special spot in my heart and just when i saw the deathwish newsletter with another pressing of this record on absolutely marvelous looking mint green marble vinyl, i knew this would be hard to resist. there was this annoying itch that could only be scratched by buying a copy.
so after a few weeks of thinking, i gave in. i know that i usually find it useless to own several copies of one and the same record and hopefully this is just the exception that proves th rule. holding this lovely green vinyl in hands now, i certainly don't regret this purchase. it sounds great and looks ace next to the pink copy i already own.
i think all that is neccessary has been said to the music itself. listen to 'trespasses', 'sadness comes home' or the frantic title song and witness artistic fury in its purest form. actually there is nothing too special about this copy of mine. it's part of the third pressing out of a whopping 1052 copies. it just looks so nice next to the colourful artwork from the inner gatefold and insert. i go and spin it again. deathwish inc. 2012/2016.


  1. What...this record is 4 years old already???? I had to check that but you're right, where did the time go??

    1. yes, crazy huh? when i was writing 'four years old' it felt strange because i, just like you, didn't think it was that long since the record came out.