Dienstag, 19. April 2016

harms way - blinded white vinyl

the last record i bought on record store day 2016 and will write about (the other two were the last police record i needed to complete my full length collection of them and the ghostbusters soundtrack - as they don't fit the metal hardcore theme, i'll leave them out) is this lovely copy of harms way 'blinded' mini-lp. it's such a strong record that i always felt uncomfortable with my clear copy. i am not the biggest clear vinyl fan and therefore said to myself to get an upgrade for a reasonable price when the chance is there.
i actually thought this would be the ultra ace looking green and blue merge vinyl, which represents the rarest colour-way of the first press. unfortunately i never came across such a copy but when i was at burnout record store, hamburg sometime last year i saw a white copy sitting on the shelf. lately i really began to evolve a soft spot in my heart for white vinyl and when i saw it still being available after already having the rsd parkway drive in my hands, i couldn't say no anymore.
when i played it the other day after a year or so i suddenly remembered why this record is so devastatingly good. perfect five songs, nothing more nothing less. simply perfect. their latest full length 'rust' didn't really grab me. it is good but not as outstanding as 'blinded'. still the title song is my absolute favourite. so heartbreaking bittersweet and yet so ugly crushing. a masterpiece. go listen to it. 700 copies on this lovely white vinyl. cut at 45rpm. fantastic artwork. deathwish inc. 2013.

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