Montag, 18. April 2016

parkway drive - horizons

when i read the list for this year's record store day, there were just two releases that interested me. integrity's 'humanity is the devil' album and parkway drive's 'horizons' album. two years ago was a disaster with waiting in line in front of burnout record store, hamburg and getting none of my desired items - funnily i got a rare parkway drive record instead, rsd seems to be a good time for pd releases - and last year i went to the store a week after rsd and still got what i wanted. this taught me not to stress out.
a good friend and me went to town for rsd but vowed not to stand in line and haste for the rsd boxes. we would have a nice day checking out record stores and maybe luck out on some releases. we went into burnout records an hour after it opened and the smoke had already cleared. we checked the hardcore rsd box and there they were. still a few copies left of 'horizons'. we took two copies without any sweat and were happy. ok, i couldn't score the integrity record on that day but i am pretty sure i'll grab one through other channels.
listening to 'horizons' brings back some memories. i remember buying a cd copy of that album, which i still own, back in 2008 together with 'nocturnal' of the black dahlia murder. i listened to it a lot and saw the band play live around that time pretty often. next to terror, who are also playing every bigger tour over here in europe, i believe parkway drive is the band i saw play live most often. the record in particular has aged very well. especially playing it on vinyl feels great. lovely clear yellow with blue splatter out of 500 copies. epitaph records. 2008/2016.

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