Montag, 11. April 2016

ringworm - justice replaced by revenge

the last of the victory batch is ringworm's 'justice replaced by revenge'. i listened to some ringworm stuff occasionally in the past. mostly to their latest full length on relapse records called 'hammer of the witch'. i liked their music but was never overly blown away. at least not enough to order a copy of one of their records. when i looked around at the victory merch shop i came across a few of their albums because the main part of their output was handled by this chicago based hardcore label.
as i was listening to a lot of old integrity stuff recently and the bands are strongly linked to each other not only because of their home base cleveland, i thought it would do no harm to check out ringworm more thoroughly. the first album i picked was 'justice replaced by revenge'. while the title song didn't convince me to one hundred percent, that definitely changed with 'day of truth' and 'god eat god'. excellent, gritty and snotty mix of thrash/death metal and hardcore.
they have a real down-to-earth style. no useless gimmicks, just some short blasts of anger and fury. gets a lot of spins since it arrived here safe and sound. i really love the fact that victory usually goes for some nice opaque and marbled colour-ways. this time it was described as red but when i saw the pictures, i thought it had a slight shade of pink to it. holding it in hands now i am pretty sure it is pink. the shade they call hot pink. definitely dig it! the jacob bannon artwork is beautiful. 100 copies made. victory records. 2005/2015.

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