Sonntag, 10. April 2016

darkest hour - undoing ruin

nowadays i don't really care for victory records releases. the only band of their current roster which gets me excited with a new release is emmure. but the nineties and especially the 00's, which were important for my second coming to hardcore, saw victory putting out some essential stuff. victory knows about that and started to chash in on repressing a lot of their classics the last few years.
i am definitely a fan of that policy because it spares me the agony of paying for overpriced items on second hand market places. such is the case with this lovely record of darkest hour. if you ever intend to gain knowledge about what typical 00's metalcore sounded like, put on 'undoing ruin' by darkest hour. among classics of unearth, killswitch engage and heaven shall burn you definitely will find this one here.
melodic death metal of the swedish school with the energy and ethics of hardcore. it feels like going ten years back when i drop the needle on this platter. check it out here and experience a flawless metalcore record. victory made a lovely green marble version for the second press which looks ace next to the colourful artwork. 110 copies pressed and still available. victory records. 2005/2015. 

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