Sonntag, 17. April 2016

ringworm - birth is pain

my introduction to this band was 'justice replaced by revenge'. it was quite infectious and thus i wanted more. so i searched the net for some cool colour releases of their albums. also has a discogs shop and there they offered 'birth is pain' on this lovely tan vinyl re-press from 2011. the price was alright and a few days later the change of ownership of this copy was completed.
'birth is pain' marks ringworm's second full length in eight years. quite a long time. the reason was the split of the band in 1993 and its re-union in 1998. after they re-united a demo was self-released in 1999, called 'madness of war' and containing three songs which all landed on the full length in a re-recorded form. it still took the band another two years to finally unleash 'birth is pain', for the first time on victory records.
this come-back record is a real strong one. the songs are played tight and directly to the point. ringworm wastes no time with fancy intros or useless instrumentals, they deliver. and they deliver hard. in direct comparison i like 'justice replaced by revenge' a bit better but objectively considered i couldn't choose a winner. 400 copies pressed on this nice tan marble. victory records. 2001/2011.

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