Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

electric wizard - time to die

my latest addition to the electric wizard collection. it is their freshest full length being released two years ago. for the first time in their longplayer history there was no involvement by rise above records. it is a co-release by spinefarm records from finland, which might be known to a broader audience through their melodic death metal releases by children of bodom or dark tranquility, and the band's own label - witchfinder records.
yet another record on which the wizard comes around with an altered personnel. tas danazoglou and shaun rutter - bass-player and drummer - left the band and jus osborn recorded the bass tracks himself on this album. most remarkably is the return of mark greening on drums. when he left after the 2002 album 'let us prey', it seemed there was a lot of bad blood between him and band leader osborn.
whatever it was that brought them back together, the world was about to witness the return of this fertile combination of the two, completed by the excellent craftsmanship of liz buckingham. the record has become one of their strongest efforts to date, as long as my humble self is concerned. a bit more sludgier all in all and with all that movie samples it has a great cinematic feel to it. the artwork ties in perfectly with that occult seventies horror movie theme.
i love the back piece showing the band members and the bonus poster in particular. i got this copy via a friendly discogs seller from germany. my version actually is a record store day release from 2015 to be distinguished from the first press by it's copper coloured cover art and the clear vinyl colour. the quantity pressed seems to be unknown, at least i couldn't find any info. spinefarm records. witchfinder records. 2014.

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