Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

ringworm - the promise

when i ordered the latest re-press of integrity's 'humanity is the devil', i searched the store for a few additions to sweeten the order. thanks to's extensive selection i was able to add a copy of the debut full length of cleveland's ringworm. since i loved 'justice replaced by revenge' and 'birth is pain', which i acquired in the course of the last two months, getting more ringworm stuff was just the thing to do.
ringworm was founded in 1990 and after releasing a few demos, in 1993 the band released their first album 'the promise' through incision records. shortly afterwards ringworm disbanded, leaving the world a legacy of their interpretation of metallic hardcore. thankfully they re-considered their status as a band in 1998, when they fully returned. unlike integrity - the other big cleveland hardcore band - i think i like ringworm's post split releases better.
'the promise' shows the band, and i know the following insight will most likely blow your mind, in an early stage. everything is pretty raw and unpolished, not in terms of recording quality but in terms of song writing. this record is essential to understand where the band came from but when i feel like listening to some ringworm, i will reach for the records released after the millenium descended upon us.
a389 recordings did a few pressings for this re-press. i think it had been three pressings. they issued it in a gatefold sleeve, whereas the original press came with a slip sleeve. thankfully a389 stood true to the original artwork in most parts. my opaque orange copy is part of the third pressings and is again reminiscent of the original press being an orange marble colour. i have read there were a 100 copies made of my version but i can't be sure. a389 recordings. 2013.

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