Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

crowbar - symmetry in black

it's not too long ago that i discovered crowbar for myself. i bought 'odd fellows rest' on a whim and couldn't get enough of it. their sludgy, blusy and muddy style of metal really appeals to me and i find myself on a huge crowbar kick. after i bought two early records - the self-titled sophomore release followed recently - i searched sources to obtain a coloured copy of their most recent work, called 'symmetry in black'.
i even remembered when pre-orders for this record went live back in 2014 and i had a quick thought of getting a copy because i liked windsteins side-project kingdom of sorrow a lot. for now, of course i was way too late to the party to simply buy a new copy of one of the limited runs made by century media for europe and by e1 records for north america. so as usually i checked for discogs.
there were three colours pressed for the european edition and one for the american. i said to myself not to be picky about them, as it most likely would prove hard enough to get one at all for a reasonable price. when i checked the options i was surprised to find one which was quite affordable and at least ten bucks cheaper than the rest. to add to the astonishment it was a white copy out of 100 - you have to know that there is a gold one out of 300 copies, which seems to be more likely to appear for this rate.
astonished or not, the only sensible reaction to such an offer was to buy it straight away and obviously this was what i did. i didn't have the chance to give the record proper spins by now but judging it by the few times i listened to it, i can only say this bad boy was worth every penny i gave in exchange for it. in comparison with the older records i know from them, it appears that crowbar didn't change their modus operandi pretty much and still managed to keep up the high amount of quality. great record through and through. the 180gr white vinyl matches the crisp and clean artwork perfectly. century media. 2014.

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