Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

hatebreed - the concrete confessional

full length number eight and still delivering the goods. hatebreed knows what works best and i know of not one bad record of this connecticut based band. i know that there are more critical opinions in people's heads about this five-piece here and there. their albums would all sound the same and be interchangeable. that's right to a certain degree. they didn't change their signature sound much since the first record 'satisfaction is the death of desire' but they shaped this kind of metallic hardcore, an original and they still release quality.
it doesn't knock me off my socks like 'perseverance' or 'the rise of brutality' did back then but i enjoy this new one, 'the concrete confessional' from first to last tune. they pump out hit after hit as if to the manner born. i think of the gang shout bound 'something's off', the gritty and pissed 'seven enemies' or the bouncing 'remember when', to only name a few. they still sound fresh and relevant and i am really looking forward to see them live at this year's reload festival.
like the last full length from 2013 'the divinity of purpose', hatebreed releases this new record via nuclear blast records. nb came up with pre-orders early april with a few coloured vinyl options. no surprise among them, the usual clear, gold, red, white palette. no problem actually, love the white vinyl next to the dark artwork colouring. pretty much standard packaging. slip sleeve with insert and black dust sleeve. no complaint though, like it that way. 300 copies made. nuclear blast. 2016.

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  1. It really sucks that NB didn't release it as a gatefold sleeve, like they did with the previous album! Gatefold would look so much better on the shelf with the thicker spine...

    Also can't believe that NB is still doing these stupid info-less minimalistic stickers, and still no download codes...

    By the way, did you see the double "track 02" mis-print for Side Two on the back? It's like that on all vinyl sleeves. So far I have the transparent red vinyl EMP version (opaque red would have been much more fitting...) and the gold vinyl Impericon version.

    Some of the people working at NB need a professionality upgrade it seems...