Montag, 10. März 2014

withers - lightmares

this is another per koro release. i stumbled across that record on the per koro front page. new releases are on display there and i kind of liked the cover art. what turned me away from buying it was that i missed the coloured run. as time moved on i checked the life and death records webshop because i remembered that 'lightmares' was a co-release of three labels, life and death records being one of them. i was disappointed again, all coloured vinyl had been sold out.
as you can see on the picture above, i did get a coloured record anyway. reason for that was the third party being involved in the release of this album. adagio830 records is another small diy label from germany, from berlin to be more specific. this label trio shaped this physical product of canned music. the band being canned here is the austrian three-piece withers. they play some post-hardcore-punk-whatever, think of converge and rise & fall and you're there. great stuff, especially 'no burial of the will' played for the most part without guitars. check it!
holding the record in my hands, the cover art looks even more fantastic. looks real ominous plus i love the word play of 'lightmares'. i think one of my favourite covers out there. nice thick card insert, black dust sleeve and lovely white vinyl. it has some red/orange smears through it and i love stuff like this. so all in all this is a great record with a great presentation. adagio830 seems to have coloured copies left. 2013.

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