Dienstag, 4. März 2014

grieved - ageing 7"

i check the german intenet fanzine partyausfall.de on a regular basis to gather new information about upcoming tours and releases, to stay updated. i think it was on an evening of searching through the news section i came across an anchors aweigh related entry. i think it wasn't actually about a grieved release but i cannot be sure anymore. anyway, through some clicks on some links i got directed to the web store of italian based anchors aweigh records.
i browsed through it and this cover of grieved's first 7" caught my attention. i checked back if they had a bandcamp site or something and wasn't disappointed. you can listen to all four songs there. i immediately fell in love with their dark and hunting hardcore. couldn't get those hooks out of my head for days.
not really satisfying was the way the order from anchors came in. as you can see, my copy has a creased upper corner and didn't come with a download code as promised. not a real problem, though. the songs can be downloaded and i can live with that corner. real problem was the other record i ordered along. simply the wrong item. but that will be a different story. 300 copies made on fantastic half clear half red w/ white splatter vinyl. anchors aweigh records. 2011.

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