Sonntag, 30. März 2014

narziss - neue welt

narziss was a german melodic hardcore band, existing from 1998 to 2011. their finest moment, the lp 'neue welt' namely, saw the light of day in 2004 which happened to be year where i began to really get knee deep into hardcore and all it stands for. they were kind of special because they sang in german and had real good lyrics. i had this album for ten years on cd in my possession and in the first place didn't even know that it got the vinyl treatment as well. a while back i checked my cd collection for albums i really love and therefore would also want on vinyl. so incidentally i came across the 'narziss - neue welt' lp by checking discogs.
what discogs didn't tell me was if the record was coloured or not. i couldn't find any pics on the net and just one single forum entry at telling me that there was a run of 500 blue coloured lp's. so i couldn't be sure of the reliability of that information. apart from that problem, an even bigger one occured. i couldn't find a copy to get my hands on. never on ebay, a missed discogs option and a misleading and forgotten shop item - that was how close i got on a copy. until one day in late 2013 as someone seemed to dug up some dust covered copies from his basement or something.
the seller on discogs happened to be cobra records of which i already bought some stuff in past. probably he got some left over copies from the warehouse remains of i.c. recordings, on which 'neue welt' came out. it was stated as sealed so i still didn't know if this was coming on coloured vinyl. but who dares will win. and as you can see it is the blue vinyl. i believe my worries were for nothing anyway, the whole pressing is on blue, i say. check the song 'zwielicht' ('twilight'). clear blue vinyl. cd released by circulation records (r.i.p.). i.c. recordings (r.i.p.). 2004.

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