Sonntag, 16. März 2014

down to nothing - life on the james

the new down to nothing album called 'life on the james'. the first thing i was interested in was what the james actually was. as i'm living on the other side of the pond i wasn't familiar with it. so i looked it up on the internet, or like the modern representative of the human race that i am would call it, i googled it. what i found was that the 'james' is a river. the main river in virginia.
now the cover picture makes totally sense showing a bridge over the james river. this album is real summer muisc. good hooks, good riffs delivering good times. this will be definitely one of my summer records 2014. in my opinion 'life on the james' is even a bit better than 'the most'. check out the video for the title track and put on your speedo and go swimming (you may decide either indoor or outside depending on the weather in your neighborhood)
i ordered this baby via per koro and so i couldn't choose the colour way. i got the clear green vinyl. my copy has some black traces in the vinyl. i like stuff like this. for me this doesn't mean anything, no transitional shit, i just like the look of it. makes it more interesting. the solid blue marble vinyl looks better though. anyway, i couldn't find any numbers and seeing this record on many other blogs without info, i suppose the world doesn't know too. revelation records. 2013.

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