Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

el camino car crash - routine

i pre-ordered this new e.p. by el camino car crash along with the kids insane 7". last year i bought their demo also out on take it back records. it was one of my first tapes and therefore an unusual purchase for me. although i liked the demo, a deeper symapthy for tapes did not emerge. that's why i was really happy to see take it back releasing this e.p. on a proper format.
this austrian based band has some ex-members of unveil among its members, of which i already posted in the past and will post about their two other releases in due time. i think el camino car crash can be best compared with unveil. if that doesn't tell you anything then think of some nineties hardcore ala undertow. check them online at their bandcamp.
the package is pretty neat. nice thick card sleeve, black dust sleeve, lovely opaque blue vinyl and a sweet eight-page booklet. furthermore the artwork is great too. distorted faces on a black and white (or better light grey) colour scheme makes 'routine' not only a pleasure for the ears but for the eyes likewise. this is the pre-order version which is still available at this point. again i don't know how many were made. take it back records. 2014. 

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