Dienstag, 18. März 2014

behemoth - the satanist

in the moment i try to limit my record spendings by setting up a budget for every month. again i have a huge backlog and i feel like i can't catch up with myself. i have records i bought two month or so ago and didn't even listen to for one single time. i can't give the records the amount of spins they deserve and therefore i need to step on the break.
i try to buy only new releases and some selected stuff off shops or ebay. we'll see if i can maintain my self-imposed restraint or if it will collapse like a house of cards. and to be a little more up to date i want to start to put up some new releases. today i start with the new behemoth record, called 'the satanist'.
i love how behemoth plays with their own image by chosing this album title. of course they are lightyears away from cheesy satanism. their lyrics are rich with spiritual images, historical references and mystical similies. i really have to use an encyclopedia trying to understand the hints. mysically they developed their own style and took it to the next level. faster, darker and even catchier. more of everything!
boy, be sure to check out the video for the single 'blow your trumpets, gabriel'. the images were kind of shocking but it is still that impressing that i watch it over and over again plus it's an awesome song! the presentation is awesome too. gatefold sleeve with great artwork, lp-sized booklet with all the lyrics written with the art of calligraphy, liner notes by nergal and black poly-lined dust sleeves.
only tiny downer is the vinyl not being 180gr heavy vinyl. but i generously overlook that. of my clear red copy, which comes on a very nice shade of red by the way, are 250 in excistence. there are numerous editions out there. some being exclusively sold by different mailorders like emp, nuclear blast or the band's webshop and some being available to a certain group of people (like nuclear blast gold customers). too much to list here. check discogs! nuclear blast. 2014.

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