Samstag, 22. März 2014

converge - live at the bbc

yeah, you read this on almost every other vinyl blog around. live recordings aren't everybody's darling. and still every once in a while you see a live record pop up. so here is the same story in the following shape. i don't buy live recordings. i think if you want to hear a band play live, go out and see them. well, usually. there are a handful of bands that have the aura to change that attitude. converge is one of those.
i was struggeling a bit with the purchase. i saw the pink vinyl up for pre-order on kingsroad merch europe but didn't go for it because of the above mentioned reasons. but as i saw the pink version on wei's dead moon massachusetts blog i threw the towel and headed to the store get this sucker.
the four songs were recorded in august 2010 at the bbc in london. therefore it makes sense that the three of the tracks were taken from the, at that point latest record, 'axe to fall'. the last one, 'hanging moon' was taken from 'you fail me' and rounds out the choice of material. stuff sounds real good! the pink vinyl seems to have sold out at kingsroad but they got the opaque orange, which is an epitaph exclusive limited to 550 copies. check the other colours and numbers on discogs. deathwish inc. 2014.

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