Sonntag, 4. September 2016

madball - demonstrating my style

music on vinyl from the netherlands joined forces with roadrunner records and is re-releasing some classic albums on nice colour vinyl. the first one of this series that landed on my shelf was life of agony's "soul searching sun". i am very excited for every new mail i get from the mov-newsletter to see what pearl gets the vinyl treatment next. when i saw the name madball in the list, i got sweaty hands.
i hoped for a "set it off" re-release but in the end it was their sophomore effort "demonstrating my style" from 1996. pretty cool nevertheless, especially when i heard that the "set it off" job was handled by another label, but more of this when the time is right. back to "demonstrating my style". i must admit that i didn't know this one very good. probably listened to it a handful times before and i don't even own a physical copy.
with this lovely vinyl edition i corrected that wrong doing of mine and i think it's a real good madball record. "set it off" will probably remain my favourite output of this nyhc veterans but "demonstrating my style" has some real ragers to offer. "true to the game", "streets of hate" or "pride (times are changing" are fantatstic madball hardcore right where it hurts. love this nineties feeling the album transports.
the presentation by music on vinyl is top notch as expected. for their roadrunner re-issues they seem to use a different cardboard for the cover sleeves. matte card instead of high glossy card. i appreciate this. feels more down to earth and in combination with a hardcore record just the right thing. i am not the biggest silver vinyl fan but it admittedly works very nice with the colours of the artwork. #693 out of 1.000 copies pressed. music on vinyl. 2016.


  1. Nice!!! Didn't know this had been reissued. I have the original though. Did you manage to get a copy of set it off yet?

  2. no original "set it off" copy but a recent re-press. it's still on pre-order. check it out here: