Freitag, 23. September 2016

iron maiden - somewhere in time

another maiden classic for the collection. this time it is about "somewhere in time" from 1986, so this baby is exactly as old as i am. just like my latest two classic maiden purchases, i got this one at blitz record store in kiel. seems to be a good place for second hand maiden vinyl. my copy's cover sleeve is in an ok condition. the edges all a bit worn, some surface scratches on the cardboard but no seam-splits and no bend corners. the vinyl has a lot of thin hair-lines but most of them don't affect play and with the price tag of eight coins, i am really satisfied with it.
musically it is a great album. even though it is not a conceptional album, i love that a lot of songs deal with the general topic of time. i love the complex feel of the material and the use of synthesizers that give the stuff a sort of eighties sci-fi edge. the cover artwork might be the best i have ever seen on a maiden record. artist derek riggs came up with a lovely futuristic city and included so many hints, that it would be way to much to list them all here. you can check them on wikipedia. my favourites are the football hints with west ham winning 7:3 against arsenal and the upton park sign, the blade runner cinema sign and above all the batman above the bridge - all on the back cover.
when checked discogs for what version i might have, i came across a strange incident. the catalogue number on my cover sleeve shows that it is an u.s. first press copy on capitol records. cool thing, i thought. when i checked the centre labels of the actual vinyl, it emerged that the vinyl is part of the european pressing on emi records. funny mix-up here, wonder what story is hidden behind it. anyway, love the tummy shirt that bruce dickinson is wearing on the band shot on the printed dust sleeve. hilarious. emi records. capitol records. 1986.

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