Sonntag, 18. September 2016

atheist - piece of time

wow - that was my first impression when i listened to atheist's first album "piece of time" via the tube. atheist was one of the names that were steadily dropped on ebay auctions for gorguts i was watching recently. that made me curious and so i checked why that was. listening to their first record i was blown away by the techincal quality of "piece of time", especially considering the time it was released in. i was quite surprised that a band played this form of metal in 1989 already. really ahead of its time.
so i checked what vinyl options might be available. discogs told me that there wasn't only the first press on active records from 1990 but also a re-press by season of mist records from france. there were a fair amount of coloured versions in existence as the label re-pressed their re-issue two times theirselves. i thought the opaque yellow vinyl would look best but found a german seller on discogs offering a clear red copy for a good price, so i took that one instead.
as you can see, i have a yellow copy nevertheless. i found this copy on ebay with a starting bid in the range of the discogs copy, only after i bought it. the discogs seller didn't reply with payment informaion and fortunately cancelled the order after a few days. the path was cleared and i won the ebay auction for the starting bid. a shame the pre-owner stuck the hype sticker from the shrink wrap onto the back cover. apart from that this copy is flawless. just like death's "leprosy", here is another nice ed repka artwork. 250 made. season of mist. 2013.

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