Montag, 26. September 2016

isis - in the absence of truth

a few months back, in march, i wrote about my first isis record "the red sea" and how i loved this one in comparison to other isis records. back then i said something like: "maybe i will change my opinion on them". well, now i am sitting here with my second isis record and i have of course changed my mind. there was this ebay auction with just this baby here popping up and i knew that lovely coloured isis vinyl rarely does, so i sat down and took a closer listen to "in the absence of truth", so to speak.
it was one of the isis albums that i never listened to before. after a few tracks which i thought were pretty good, i decided to take a shot on the ebay offering. i won the auction for a fair price which was around the amount one has to pay for a new double lp nowadays. after it arrived at my place, securely packed by the seller, i was very excited to drop the needle on it. i have listened to it for a handful of times by now and think it's a damn good progressive metal album.
the album immediately reminded me of red sparowes, which seems quite logically when i learned that red sparowes are a sid project of a few neurosis and isis members. i still like "the red sea" better but the evolution is quite remarkable and the unique, experimental sound of isis was genre defining. i enjoy this album all the way through. i scored an european first press on conspiracy records from belgium.
"in the absence of truth" was released by ipecac records in north america, by daymare recordings in japan and by said conspiracy records in europe. there are over 5.000 coloured vinyl copies of this album out there and still this is hard to find for a reasonable price. that says it all about the importance of this band. 500 copies made on clear with pink splatter vinyl. great combination of artwork and vinyl colour. conspiracy records. 2006.

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